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About Our eCommerce Hosting

At Platform Connections, we understand how important it is to have a dependable eCommerce hosting solution for our clients. That’s why cloud hosting is our chosen solution – with servers in multiple locations forming an unbeatable redundancy pool that ensures your website will be there when customers need it!

No more worries about interruptions or downtime – you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

WordPress, wooCommerce & The Cloud

While hosting requirements for both softwares are similar in nature, using WooCommerce often results in higher server resource usage due to its eCommerce capabilities. So it’s important to consider that cost when building bigger stores with larger databases.

That said, no matter how big your dream site or shop is – our reliable cloud based hosting will ensure everything works smoothly each and everytime a page is loaded.


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What’s The Difference Between Cloud And Conventional Hosting?

When it comes to hosting, cloud and shared have unique differences that you should be aware of.

Here’s an overview; with shared hosting, your website is placed on a single server where resources are allocated among multiple sites without any cap on their usage. This can lead to one site monopolising the RAM or CPU available from the machine without considering other websites sharing its space; which is not ideal! On the flip side however; when you opt for cloud service, your website enjoys a heightened level of redundancy amongst many servers as each will allocate resources, ensuring no excessive usage by others will not affect your business website.

Why cloud hosting is better than servers

Cloud hosting gives you the added benefit of resilience due to its redundancy. If your dedicated server encounters a hardware mishap, then unfortunately your site will be taken offline with no quick fix available. In comparison, if one part of cloud servers fails the remainder are ready and able to take over. This ensures that there is zero disruption in service for you!

Automatic Scaling When You Need It

Investing in cloud hosting comes with major benefits. You get scalability, excellent reliability and the peace of mind that your data will be safe if disaster strikes.

Our system has automatic scaling features which means when your site experiences an upsurge in traffic, we’ll instantly provide additional RAM, CPU or storage space to ensure uninterrupted service for customers.

Overall it is a win win for you, your business and your customers/visitors.

Pricing Structure

eCommerce Hosting Pricing Stucture

We have developed competitive and good value packages to suit all our customer needs. From Small to large, standard to eCommerce we have a package that will suit your business and it’s budget.


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At Platform Connections, our promise is to provide extraordinary service—a commitment we aspire to every day and strive toward with each interaction. From no annoying phone menus when you call us to emails that won’t disappear, trust for us is very important.