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Why Should You Be Concerned About Website Security?

Web security is an essential component of business operations, shielding companies from malicious hackers who may be looking to gain unauthorised access to systems and resources. In addition to this, many are looking to gain personal information about your customers such as address, credit card and other details which you may hold with a database or your customers have input on to your website.

To protect against these threats, businesses should implement strategic measures that help prevent cyber attackers from exploiting weaknesses in their infrastructure or websites/applications.

Examples of common web-based risks include malware attacks for system infiltration; ransomware for data destruction; XSS injection attempts through user input fields; phishing schemes with deceptive links or content aimed at obtaining login credentials and other sensitive information – the list goes on.

By taking proactive steps towards effective web security protocols you can ensure your company and it’s website remain safe while continuing to trade online uninterruptedly!


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Securing Your Website

Protect your customers and secure their data with an SSL Certificate. These digital certificates provide a safe link between company websites, web servers and browsers.

No need to worry about criminals being able to read or alter information knowing that the padlock icon in your URL address bar confirms that any data passed between pages on your site are protected with highly encryopted security protocols.


With each and every site we create we provide an SSL certificate FREE for the first 12 months. After which we charge for a standard SSL certificate at £19 per year.

Other SSL Certificates

We are also happy to quote, provide and install other branded SSL certificates as detailed below:

GeoTrust is a well-respected name in the digital world, with an impressive 100,000+ customers spanning 150 countries. Offering SSL/TLS certificates alongside other trust products at an unbeatable value – why not give yourself peace of mind by investing in this trusted and renowned brand? Whether you’re big or small, rest assured that choosing GeoTrust means having superior security solutions for your organization.

Keep your online communication secure with RapidSSL. Their products are designed to provide fast, efficient and affordable encryption solutions. With an automated issuance process makeing it super simple and fast – plus the static Site Seal gives users added assurance of safety when browsing your website or application. With RapidSSL, you can be sure that all essential security needs come first.

With an unparalleled 20+ years of experience, Thawte is a pioneer in digital encryption and is one of the most trusted security brands around. All their products are backed up with a reliable warranty and superb customer service. Their signature Trusted Site Seal provides visitors and customers peace-of-mind when browsing online. All giving you and your customers unbeatable protection.

You don’t have to break the bank or struggle with complex systems when it comes to website security. With FastSSL, getting a secure certificate is fast and affordable – so you can get back your precious time and money. Of course, quality will not be compromised; all their certificates come from globally-accredited providers offering up-to-date encryption protocols for ultimate protection.

DigiCert has carved out a unique position as the Enterprise powerhouse within the security certificate industry, offering unparalleled validation skills and an industry-leading PKI. With  procedures that have been perfected to become true artistry, allowing a swift yet highly efficient service for large enterprises with unprecedented reliability.

Comodo has carved out a unique spot in the market, combining premium-level SSL Certificates at competitive prices. You do not need to break your budget to secure your online business; with Comodo you can get a high quality product from one of the most reliable names in cyber security.

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