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Do you want to engage with your customer and get new leads? Would you like to get more repeat business from your existing customer base? Just two of many reasons why you may want to run an email marketing campaign.

While email marketing can be an incredibly effective tool in your business, setting up and managing an email campaign can be a daunting task. A good campaign setup requires technical know-how and attention to detail. Primarily, this makes it difficult for busy entrepreneurs or website owners who prefer to focus on what they do best.

Get Support With Your eMail Marketing

Teaming up with Platform Connections will give your business over 20 years of marketing experience. We have built hundreds of email campaigns over the years and learnt how to work with new customers, mailing lists and increase business revenue.

We can run your whole campaign, we can setup your campaign for you to run. We can build your campaign brand.


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Welcoming Your Mailing List Customer

The first stage of managing any email campaign is the welcome email. This lays the foundations and helps the mailing list member or customer to understand what they can expect from joining the mailing list or receiving emails as a customer.

This email should also contain information about how they can contact you with any questions or queries, how they manage their email preferences to guarantee email receipt and how to opt out should they wish to.

All of this helps your list member/customer to feel like they aren’t going to be spammed; have hundreds of emails a week or even there email address being sold or distributed to others without their consent.

eMail Frequency & Subscription

While the number of email subscribers is important to a business’ success, taking the time to manage unsubscribes properly is equally as important. Taking proactive steps such as giving your subscribers the ability to customize their email preferences and refraining from sending messages too frequently will help ensure you aren’t overwhelming your contacts with too much content or oversending emails.

Adopting a sound email management strategy for and managing unsubscribes is essential for maintaining both customer satisfaction and compliance.

Get your business online with a scalable website
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At Platform Connections, our promise is to provide extraordinary service—a commitment we aspire to every day and strive toward with each interaction. From no annoying phone menus when you call us to emails that won’t disappear, trust for us is very important.