10 Page
Web Design

For small to medium sized UK based business.

What’s Included

Standard Design Layout Across Each Page

Colour Palette

Before creating your website, we will create a colour palette to formalise the colours which will be used within your site. The colours will complement each other and be relevant to the industry which you trade in.

Consistent Layout

When creating your site we will develop three main areas which will remain consitent and enable your visitors to navigate easily around your site. This will enable your visitors to find the content they are looking for easily and feel comfortable when moving from page to page. These three sections of your site will be a header, a footer and content area.

Header Section

Enhance your website’s appearance with a well-thought out header section! This includes customising it to feature your unique company logo and an informative navigation menu.

Footer Section

Your footer section will include but not be limited to your company contact information, copyrights, privacy & terms links as well as a secondary navigation area.

Content Section

Your content section will contain the fully editable information.

As a general rule the content of your webste will be provided by you, we can provide images related to the text you provide or you can provide the images yourself. We can write copy for you however this service would be quoted as an extra.

Additonal pages can be anything you would like them to be and could include content such as testimonials, meet the team, customer portfolio or price lists for example.

Page Content

This product contains 10 website pages as follows:

  1. Home Page
  2. Contact Us Page
  3. Privacy Policy Page
  4. 7 Pages of your choice
  5. Additonal Pages Charged At £75 each

Standard SEO Setup

Each of the pages we create for you will be optimised as follows:

Search Engine Friendly Page Titles

Make sure your website gets noticed! Our custom Page Titles are designed to attract more visitors by optimising them for search engines. And of course, you can always adjust any titles if necessary as needed.

Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags

Get more visitors from enticing and relevant Search Engine Friendly meta tags tailored just for you and your business! These will help ensure that all of your pages are optimised to their full potential. Should any changes need to made, they can easily be updated at anytime.

Search Engine Friendly Keywords

Let us help you maximise your website’s potential with Meta keywords! We’ll work together to customise the tags on each page of your site, giving search engines a detailed picture of what awesome content lies within. You can always edit these as needed–it couldn’t be easier!

Optimised And Search Engine Friendly Images

Optimising your images is the key to ensuring fast page load times and getting them noticed on Google! By reducing the file size, without compromising quality, you can make sure customers have a smooth viewing experience while positioning yourself ahead of competitors in image search engines.

SEO Software Installed And Setup

We are proud to be part of your SEO journey! We will install and setup an SEO plugin which helps set you up for success by streamlining proper search engine optimisation. Get started the right way and put the tools in place to reach all your goals!

SEO Friendly SiteMap

Having a sitemap is key for efficient and successful search engine discovery. Not only does it provide the roadmap of your site, but in most cases having one will help ensure maximum visibility on not just any existing pages you might have, but facilitate new ones as well! Especially if your website is large or updates frequently with fresh content – this may be something to consider investing into. We offer an easy solution that creates and submits a tailored sitemap optimised specifically for enhanced web searches.

Integration of Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers businesses the exceptional advantage of gaining valuable insights into their website performance. With this tool, you can easily evaluate and measure how your marketing efforts, content and products are reaching your target audience. Its data-analyzing capabilities enable users to generate meaningful information that supports strategic decision making.

Submission of Website to Search Engines

Submitting your website directly to a search engine is the perfect starting point for creating visibility online and increasing traffic. This off-page optimisation strategy contributes to your site being properly indexed, allowing potential customers to easily find you on popular search engines!

Connect To Social Media

With the sheer amount of competition, it’s more important now than ever before for businesses to be seen and heard.

Social media offers a great way to get that visibility, but many business owners don’t realise how vital and beneficial it is.

By taking advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses can boost their brand recognition while connecting with customers in meaningful ways.

Should you have existing social media accounts or wish for us to create them for you we will connect your website with these so your visitors can visit your website from social media and visa versa.

Website Hosting, Domain Name and Security

Should you not own a domain name we will register an available one for you free. Alternatively you can use your own domain, however there is no discount provided should you wish to use a current domain. Any domain name we manage for you will then be  charged to you at £19 per annum to renew your domain name for you.

12 Months FREE Hosting

Website hosting provides businesses with storage space for all their content including images, text, videos, etc. on a server that can be accessed by users through internet connection. It’s essential to having an online presence.

Included within your package is FREE Hosting on our starter hosting package for the first 12 months, after which we will will charge you £50 per annum.

FREE Website Security

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is essential for any business who wants to keep both their customers and their data safe from potential threats, provide a secure way of doing business online, build customer trust and gain transparency within their organisation.

Included within your package is FREE SSL certificate for your website. After the first 12 months we will will charge you £20 per annum to renew your SSL certificate.

10 Page Website Design
Payment Terms

An initial payment of £324.50 is required at point of ordering and a balance of £324.50 due on completion.