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eBay Manager

Our eBay Manager enables you to manage all your products through your website directly with your eBay account. eBay manager will list, update stock, set shipping and collect your orders to manage all in one place.

Listing Products

eBay Manager will list your products for you directly to your eBay account, including a full description, product images and relevant shipping. Once listed any changes made to the product will automatically send an update to the eBay listing saving you time and effort in managiong your products across multiple platforms.

Order Processing

eBay Manager will takes care of processing your eBay orders too. Collecting the order information and creating an order with your WordPress/wooCommerce admin area. This enables you to be able to print and manage all your orders in one place.

Once the order is updated to dispatched, your eBay order and customer will automatically be updated with this information and even leave feedback for your customer at the same time if you want it to.

Product Cost

eBay Manager Plugin is charged at £149.99 Per Year.

Bulk Description Manager

Built for the dropshippers out there who have product feeds directly from their suppliers. This great little plugin enables you to add text both before and/or after your supplier description dynamically to products with a given category.

Description Options

Dynamically create different text for each product before or after the current description or even both! Using the simple input areas you create what the text should be and add text variants. This means that you create human readable text descriptions, that can excite your customers without spending hours and hours editing the descriptions for each product.

As with all our WordPress plugins, we fully support the product and will guide you on the best ways to use it to get the most out of your plugin. Our support is provided by telephone and or Team Viewer.

Product Cost

Bulk Descriptions Manager is charged at £49.99.

Supplier Data Feeds

We provide XML data feeds for dropship suppliers. Currently we are offering the following business. 

Taylors Merchandise XML Data Feed

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