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Safeguard your site from malware with our Site Scanner service! It relentlessly crawls and analyzes your web pages to detect any signs of malicious activity, including the latest threats.

We will monitor the result on your behalf and fix any issues which arise, of course we will discuss these with you before proceeding.

Don’t let malware get the best of your website!

All for one fixed price per month or per annum.


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What’s Included
URL Scan

Want to keep your website safe from malware and hackers? Our URL scanning technology will identify any malicious behavior or infections lurking on your pages. Trust us to keep your online presence secure.

Domain Blacklist Scan

Daily scan checking if your website has been blacklisted by top search engines due to hacking or suspicious activity with our comprehensive domain check. Don’t let a tarnished reputation harm your online presence – let us help you protect it today!

Comprehensive File Scan

Protect your website from malware and suspicious code with our reliable check! Our thorough scan searches every file of your site to detect potential threats and irregularities. Trust us to keep your website secure.

File Upload Scan

Protect Your Site with Our Advanced File Upload Scanner! Our powerful scanner is designed to detect malware quickly and with ease. From File Manager to FTP, our tool checks every new file uploaded to your site and notifies you immediately. Stay ahead of online threats and secure your website with our top-notch prevention tool.

File Upload Quarantine

Don’t let your files get infected! Our system automatically quarantines any new uploads that may pose a threat. This way, your other files stay safe and you can review and fix the suspicious upload with ease.

Site Protection Mode

introducing Site Protect mode! With this tool, we can quickly disable all file uploads to your website and conduct a thorough review to ensure no additional threats can breach your site’s defenses.

eMail Notifications

Our system scans every file upload in real time and we’ll let you know if we detect any suspicious activity.

Professional Human Interaction

We will monitor your site on a daily basis, should anything arise we will take action immediately should it not affect your website, else we will contact you to discuss the threat.

Once identified we will of course remove any threat on your behalf and monitor accordingly.

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At Platform Connections, our promise is to provide extraordinary service—a commitment we aspire to every day and strive toward with each interaction. From no annoying phone menus when you call us to emails that won’t disappear, trust for us is very important.