What’s Included?

Standard Design Layout Across Each Page

Before creating your website with you we will create a colour chart to formalize the colours which will be used within your site.

Your website design will include a standard consistent layout on each page consisting of a header section, footer section and a content section.

Your header section will include but not be limited to your company logo and a navigation menu.

Your content section will contain the fully editable information, display in a manner you have agreed with us.

Your contents of your content sections will be provided by you, we can provide images related to he tedxt you providfe or you can provide the images yourself.

Additona pages can be anything you would like them to be and could include content such as testimonials, meet the team, customer portfolio or price lists,  etc.

Standard SEO Setup

Each of the pages we create for you will be optimised as follows:

  1. Search Engine Friendly Page Titles –  these will be created and set for you relevant to the page and it’s content. You will be able to amend these should you wish.
  2. Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags – these will be set for you relevant to the page and iits content. You will be able to amend these should you wish.
  3. Search Engine Friendly Keywords – these will be set for you after careful discussion with you and will be fully editable by you.
  4. All Images Optimised and Search Engine Friendly – all images will be optimised and tagged accordingly.
  5. SEO Software Installed and Setup – installing and initiating SEO software to enable you to continue to build proper search engine optimisation.
  6. SEO Friendly SiteMap – create and submit a search engine friendly sitemap which will automically add and submit any new pages created for you.
  7. Integration of Google Analytics –  we will add google analytics to your site for you to enable you to understand what and who is visiting your website.
  8. Submission of Website to Search Engines – we will submit and verify submission of your website to the major search engines including Google.
Connection To Social Media

With the sheer amount of competition, it’s more important now than ever before for businesses to be seen and heard.

Social media offers a great way to get that visibility, but many business owners don’t realize how vital and beneficial it is.

By taking advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses can boost their brand recognition while connecting with customers in meaningful ways.

Should you have existing social media accounts or wish for us to create them for you we will connect your website with these so your visitors can visit your website from social media and visa versa.

Website Hosting, Domain Name and Security

Should you not own a domain name we will register an available one for you free. Alternatively you Can use your own domain, however there is no discount provided should you wish to use a current domain. After the first year we will charge oyu £19 per annum to renew your domain name for you.

FREE 12 Months Hosting

Website hosting provides businesses with storage space for all their content including images, text, videos, etc. on a server that can be accessed by users through internet connection. It’s essential to having an online presence.

Included within your package is FREE Hosting for the first 12 months, after which we will will charge you £90 per annum.


An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is essential for any business who wants to keep both their customers and their data safe from potential threats, provide a secure way of doing business online, build customer trust and gain transparency within their organisation.

Included within your package is FREE SSL certificate for your website. After the first 12 months we will will charge you £20 per annum to renew your SSL certificate.